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Understanding the Chakras is just the beginning.... there are many paths to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well being and balance. Finding balance and alignment with the forces and energies that surround us, and vibrate through us, is essential to the continued evolution of the human spirit. Below you will find three more meditation paths to take you to the ultimate goal.

The essence of all beings is the earth.
The essence of the earth is water.
The essence of water is the plant.
The essence of the plant is man.
The essence of man is speech.
The essence of speech is the Rigveda.
The essence of Rigveda is the Samveda.
The essence of Samveda is OM.
(Chandogya Upanishad)

"Om". The hum of the Universe. The sound of Energy. To be in tune with OM is to be in tune with All. We have combined the art and science of sound therapy and sound energy healing, with this sacred sound of OM, to create both a binaural beat and an ambient OM meditation program, to fill your Being with the sacred sound of OM.

Click here for downloadable meditations or CDs on the sacred sound of OM.

Higher consciousness, also known as Buddhic consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, God Consciousness and Christ Consciousness, are expressions used in different spiritual traditions to express the consciousness of a person who has reached a higher level of evolutionary development, and who has come to know Reality as it is. This evolution is not by natural selection, but an evolution brought about by applying spiritual knowledge to Earthly of human life. Our 40 minute meditations use what is commonly known as the Schumann, or Earth resonances. These include sound frequencies that also resonate within the structures of the Pyramids, and are also known as the frequency of the Christ or Buddha Consciousness. Simply listen, and you will achieve with ease a deeply relaxed state of balanced bliss, and resonate with the pulse of the planet.

Click here for our downloadable Earth Meditations for Christ Consciousness.

The first step in using your Energy... also known as your Chi or Kundalini, is to become aware of it, and the channels through which it flows. It is also important to become aware of how the Energy of our environment, and the Energy of others, can profoundly affect our wellbeing.

This series of eight Energy meditation classes on MP3 that will start you on the path to understanding, and utilizing, not only your own Energy, but that of the Earth and the Cosmos. These classes will also teach you valuable techniques to cleanse your Aura, and to protect your Energy field from the negative influences around you. You will feel deeply relaxed and gently energized and centered. You can take these techniques outside of your meditation time. In addition to the guided meditations to teach you the techniques of Energy Awareness Meditation, the background tones of this Ambient program are designed to relax and center you, to deepen your meditation experience.

Click here for the Eight Part Energy Awareness Meditation Course.

(For the FREE online version of this Energy Meditation Course, with optional lesson MP3s for $2.95 each, Click Here.)

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