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Earth meditation for Christ Consciousness See the reviews on Amazon!

"'Empty thyself and I shall fill thee."
Jesus the Christ

These 40 minute meditations use what is commonly known as the Schumann, or Earth resonances. The Schumann resonance was discovered in 1952; it is the natural pulse of the Earth, beating at a rate of 7.83 Hz. It is the heart beat of our Mother Earth. Most scientists view this Earth resonance as nothing more than a curiosity, they don't make the connection between the electro-magnetic aura of our planet, and the electro-magnetic auras of all forms of life, including ourselves. These sound frequencies also resonate within the structures of the Pyramids, and are also known as the frequency of the Christ or Buddha Consciousness. Simply listen, and you will achieve with ease, a deeply relaxed state of balanced bliss, and resonate with the pulse of the planet.

AMBIENT (no headphones) Earth Christ Consciousness MP3 Download $9.95

Binaural Beat (headphones) Earth Christ Consciousness MP3 Download $9.95

Both Earth Christ Consciousness MP3s $17.95