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What Are Binaural Beats?

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If two different tones are played into each ear, the brain attempts to find a balance- for example, if the frequency of sound in your left ear is 391Hz, and the frequency you're hearing in your right ear is 411Hz, your brain will process a binaural beat of about 10Hz. These beats are not actually heard, since they are well below the natural range of hearing, but you can often "hear" a sort of "humming" inside your head as the binaural beat.

It's been discovered that these binaural beats can be used to elicit responses in the brain; the brain becomes "entrained", which means it starts to resonate at the same frequency as the binaural beat. When this happens, it can change the brain wave patterns in your brain temporarily. This has been shown to have a profound effect; it's been shown that binaural beats are highly effective at inducing meditative and hypnotic states. This is a great advantage for anyone who wants to meditate, but does not have the time or money for a teacher to learn how. This type of meditation is also more effective than ordinary meditation, because of the binaural beats. It can reduce your stress, calm your thoughts, and increase such things as intuition and creativity.

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Brain Wave States

Science has discovered that our brains operate in five levels of frequency- gamma, beta, alpha, theta and delta. Each level of frequency is measured in cycles per second, or hertz- hz.

Gamma has the highest frequency 40 Hz and above. Advanced meditation and yoga practices associate the Gamma brainwave frequency with a state of pure compassion. Researchers have also discovered that the Gamma brainwave range is associated with a heightened sense of perception, mood and information processing.

Beta has the next highest frequency, between 13 and 40 Hz. This is associated with our normal, everyday waking state. Beta helps in logical thinking, analysis, and active attention, and can be useful for study and work.

Alpha operates between 8 and 13 Hz. This occurs during daydreaming, fantasizing and creative visualization. This is often associated with a deeply relaxed state, and with a light trance or meditation.

Theta operates between 4 and 8 Hz. Theta is associated with intuition, and allows us to access our subconscious. It is activated during dream sleep and deep meditational states. Theta is also associated with creative thinking, and allows us to tap into our inner genius.

Delta has the lowest frequency between 0.5 and 4 Hz. Delta is produced during deep sleep.

Binaural beats can:

  • Safely and easily take you to a state of deep meditation.
  • Improve your intuition, creativity, your ability to focus, concentrate and think more clearly.
  • Create quantum leaps in your personal self awareness.
  • Significantly lower your stress levels and calm your thoughts.
  • Create improvements in your mental and emotional health, even areas that have stubbornly resisted change.
  • The binaural beat Chakra healing sound programs sold on this website go to a low frequency of 7.83. This is known as the Shummann or Earth Resonance, and it is the frequency of the Earth's magnetic field. It is also on the cusp between the Alpha and Theta brain wave states. This to be a very beneficial brain wave entrainment frequency, leaving the listener feeling calm, centered and grounded. Most of our binaural beat brainwave entrainment programs will ramp back up to a frequency of approximately 12 Hz, leaving the listener on the cusp between Alpha and Beta. Some binaural beat brainwave entrainment programs differ, with binaural beats going to deeper, Delta brainwave states, and this will be noted in the descriptions.

    Other Sound Therapy Modalities

    Not all of the programs offered on this website are Binaural; some are Monaural or Isochronic, which means they do not require headphones. There is a an obvious advantage to that, and some of the programs are suitable for use as an "Ambient" background, to help reduce stress. If you have trouble letting go and relaxing, or have a lot of distractions in your environment, then a binaural beat program requiring headphones might do the trick.... it formalizes or ritualizes the process, physically cutting off the outside world, and creating more of an inner environment. It's up to you, try both!

    There is a CAUTION.... if you suffer from a seizure disorder, or a serious mental illness such as pschizophenia or a psychotic disorder, or have had a head injury or brain trauma, we advise you to NOT use binaural beat or sound therapy programs. But for the majority of people, these programs are safe. Always use common sense; don't drive, use heavy machinery, cook, or do anything potentially dangerous and requiring your full attention while using ANY self hypnosis, subliminal, sound therapy or binaural beat program, and if you feel your symptoms worsening, or feel very uncomfortable, discontinue use.

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